ICT company with a difference!

We here to partner with all our stakeholders with the view of creative wealth and opportunity for all.

About Us

BNA8 was established in Australia with one thing in mind, to build as business where everyone whom interacts with it benefits in an unprecedented way!

We do this by:


Providing best in class solutions that exceed expectations in user experience, are competitively priced and outperform on ROI. Close engagement that demonstrates that we truly are an extension of your business and your team.


Providing a unique opportunity to earn uncapped income potential, grow a team where your objective are completely aligned in a triple win outcome. And most importantly exceed traditional revenue streams in every way.


Provide a dynamic environment full of potential where you are only limited by your own imagination. Work with motivated group of people whom are working towards a cause and not a job! Have fun and an exciting adventure every day.

BNA8 is an ICT company with a difference! We here to partner with all our stakeholders with the view of creative wealth and opportunity for all.
As aggregators we partner with best in class partner whom provide outstanding products, services and solutions to our end clients which deliver great return on investment.



Through our valued partners, BNA8 currently offer a complete end to end solution for voice and data for Australian Businesses.
This includes but not limited to: SIP, Internet, IP VPN Networks, Voice solutions, both Cloud, on-premise or hybrid. LAN and WAN environments including but not limited to security, routers, servers, firewalls, Wi-Fi Networks, Laptop/ desktop computers, Storage solutions and pretty much anything else required to operate an efficient business environment. We also provide Cloud based options for the same and hybrid too. There is no business too small or too big and any specialisation requirements that we can service.

IT Support
IT Support

Today, more than ever, outsourcing your IT Infrastructure makes more and more sense for business owners. With continuous improvements and smarter ways of doing tasks that used to be labour intensive or costly, IT has become the competitive edge for business to improve profitability, reach more customers with less, increase staff engagement and work life balance, and deliver a better customer experience.
To this end, it makes sense to leave the IT strategy to the experts and focus on your core business. BNA8 have the team the can make your IT turnkey and something that you set and forget, while our team does the rest to ensure it just works and works at the highest output using best practices and best in class solutions. Call BNA8 today for an obligation free consultation on how we can help your business grow.

Digital Marketing

Your website is the most powerful tool in your business today! Whether you are using it to its full potential or leaving it idle. Online has become the most efficient mechanism to acquire, service and retain customer loyalty above any other traditional method. If you recon Online is not for you, then you need to think about how to reinvent your business. From Doctors to lawyers, logistics to manufacturing, Even cars and homes are all being sold or traded online. There is not a single industry that hasn’t been touched by online and the potential of online is only getting stronger and bigger.
This is why you need a partner that understands business and how to get the most out of Online. Our partner can build a path from where you are today to where to need to be tomorrow and take you on that journey all the way to success and beyond. We provide a full service agency, which includes but not limited to; - website development, SEO, PPC, Social media across all platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, e-commerce, retargeting, reputation management and any type of integration to seamlessly transition from online to demarcations within your business.

Digital Marketing
Call BNA8 today for an obligation free consultation on how we can help your business grow.

Who Is BNA8

“Business Network Australia was created as a Millionaire Factory for business professionals looking beyond traditional employment and business structures as a means of creating wealth!”

We do this by:

Providing high quality/ best of breed products that are mainstream, recurring and always in demand.

Supporting both the Members and customers for greater engagement, service experience and results.

Uncapped potential and solutions catered for the full spectrum of the market.

So what is the Difference?

Our products are “Best of Breed” high valued solutions with a difference. A single client could spend $Mil’s pa depending on size and wallet share.

If treated a the sole source of income, would outstrip traditional employment income multiple times over as an individual contributor!!

Breaks all the traditional rules and allows our members to truly create wealth and financial freedom

Allows for marketing and provides an engine to grow your business.

You are at Ground ZERO as we are Australian

What BNA8 Isn’t

A pyramid scheme solely focused on recruitment as a means to generate profit for both company and individuals.

Consumer focused business, centred on low margin, low revenue hence low commission commodity.

Designed to be a attrition based numbers game!

Do a money exchange recruitment drive in order to grow.

How do I make money by becoming a member?


Sell directly and receive commission recurring for the lifetime of that customers’ spend with BNA 8!

Introduce New members and receive a percentage of whatever they bring in for the lifetime of their Clients spend with BNA 8.

Bolt on our Digital Marketing and we’ll bring opportunities and members to you!

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